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How to Keep Your House Safe When on Vacation

article. new_asset_attachment_attributes. The holiday season is a popular time for residents to take a vacation. Here are some tips from the Novi Police Department on how to keep your home [...]
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PCPA Outreach to perform ‘Lifeboat’

The PCPA Outreach program will perform “Lifeboat,” an internationally acclaimed play based on a true story from that voyage, in Shepard Hall in the Santa Maria Public Library at 4 [...]
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Discounted Holiday Events Make For Rich Seasonal Travel – Gadling

As we make plans for travel through the first of the year, holiday events are often included. At home or on the road [...]
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An important choice

I’ve decided to try something new and exciting in my life, which is to go to Sweden to study one semester. I’ve always thought that there seems to be an [...]
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Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center is a part of NASA and allows the general public to visit and view space ships and other NASA related goodies and informational tour guides. The [...]
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Aurora Borealis in Canada

Special tour guides are now available in Canada that take you to the best spots to see the Aurora Borealis (the northern lights). Although famously green, red dominant aurora borealis [...]
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Experience Australian Wildlife

Visit Australia and learn about aboriginal culture and Australian wildlife in an Australian Wild life park or go on one of the many exciting Australian Walkabout journey’s on offer today. [...]
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Hong Kong in China

Hong Kong is the pronunciation obtained form the Cantonese writing of Fragrant Port. Hong Kong was indeed originally a harbor town but the name fragrant is a mystery. It was [...]
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Kyoto in Japan

No visit to japan is complete without ensuring you see the once Imperial Capital City Kyoto. Kyoto has seen many earthquakes, fires and wars throughout it’s 11 century stand as [...]
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Shopping in Tokyo

You haven’t had the pleasure of high class shopping until you have shopped ’til you dropped in Tokyo Japan. Tokyo boasts everything from high end department clothing stores, gaming stores, [...]
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